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Caring, prompt and professional, Kit Miller, owner and designated broker of Chehalis Valley Realty, exceeds expectations. Nothing makes her happier than helping her clients achieve their dreams, and for that reason, she listens carefully and works hand-in-hand with them to make it happen. “I’m available,” Kit says. “I’ll show buyers as many houses as it takes. And I don’t simply show a home and then send them out on their own to get information, I find out all I can about it beforehand.” Kit leans toward buyers. They love her friendliness, honesty and great communication skills. She stays in contact and becomes friends with many of them.

Kit has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Before she became a real estate agent, she and her husband owned a travel agency in Alaska. They moved back to Washington in 2004, but by that time the Internet was ubiquitous and travel agencies were no longer vital. She knew she had to find something else. “A lot of people told me to look into real estate,” she says, “but I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I decided to take the courses and see if I liked it. I fell in love with it!” She got her license in 2004 and has never looked back. Now she and her agents primarily serve Lewis county, but will go wherever clients want.

It’s no surprise that repeats and referrals account for 70 percent of her business—she works hard for her clients. Kit enjoys training her agents on everything from the importance of impeccable ethics to marketing their agency’s listings. Marketing efforts focus on social and print media.“We try to get one or two of our listings on the front cover of the Real Estate Guide a few times a year,” she says. If she’s listing a log home, for example, which may not draw as much interest in Washington, she’ll market it in states such as Alaska, Montana, and areas of California and Wyoming. She holds brokers’ and public open houses and offers a bonus to the selling agent if it’s needed to stimulate interest. She also maintains a blog on her website featuring information that is useful to the public, from maintenance on a log home to gardening and decorating tips.

That initial thrill of falling in love with real estate remains in Kit’s life. “I love the interaction with people,” she says, “that excitement when you find a buyer the home they’ve been dreaming of, or when a home has sold and the seller is excited to be moving on in another direction.”

Kit’s passion is to give back to the community, especially through her annual Christmas Toy Drive, a huge event that grows every year. This year her broker, Diane Weiner, is the committee chair for the Bundle Up Blitz, a community event put on by the Lewis County Chapter of Washington Realtors to collect winter clothing and blankets for the needy. This year they’ll donate the supplies to the Lewis County Gospel Mission and Cascade Mental Health. Kit also plans to serve on the Professional Standards Committee for the Washington Association of Realtors. All those activities don’t leave much free time, but when she has it, she likes to spend it with her husband and family, traveling,cooking and baking. Last year they bought a home that they converted into the agency office, which kept her busy with improvements. The idea of some future growth appeals to Kit, as long as she can keep her office small and personal, where clients feel comfortable. Since it’s in her DNA to make people feel atease, that path has already unfolded.

She credits her brokers Jeff Mecca, Diane Weiner, Willy Young, Bethany Poppino, Kendra Miller, Busch Buschlen, and administrative assistant Linda Young, for assisting her in keeping her office such a pleasant place to bring clients.

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